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Welcome to the mid-summer 2019 issue of Catch The Vision News. Our group meets 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, from 1 to 3 pm, in the Bump Room at Prescott Public Library.

We offer a clinic to solve technology problems and tap into our many years of experience living with low vision. We believe that nobody should leave a doctor’s office after a low vision diagnosis without a map to adapt themselves to their “new normal”. We’re ready and willing to work with other groups in the community to improve local services and create new resources.

    Technology Leaps and Bound

  1. Optical character recognition (OCR) means that an iPhone or iPad can photograph a food package or a typed page of mail and read the text out loud to you. Yes, you need to learn some tricks! The latest “best apps” are “Seeing AI” free from Microsoft and “Voice Dream Scanner”, $6, attached to an app that reads documents in many formats. More later on other reading devices…

  2. Are you just getting started with iPhone/iPad? Hadley.Edu Videos on learning low vision Technology teaches gestures and listening and reading. Listen to audio and practice on your own. Free and wonderful!


  3. There’s even more great advice at practical tips on eating out and getting around safely, including in your own home. People with vision loss learn how to be comfortable in new situations and how others with more sight can help them.

  4. People Who Care seminar on ‘Confident Living with Low Vision’ will be offered again in Fall 2019. Sign up early to get one of the 25 places. Catch the Vision demonstrates technology and advice on living our ways.

    Social Issues

  5. YouToo project at Prescott Public Library deserves gratitude from all people in the quad-city region, especially those with transportation access to the downtown library. People with low vision can get started with helpful trainers to take advantage of Apple iPhone and iPad magnification, voice interaction, and touch screen gesture. In-house equipment provides magnification, reading, and hearing augmentation. Community individuals and organizations can, and should, acess the Prescott Public Library expertise to learn how to improve their functions for people with low vision. Every medical diagnosis that entails low vision treatment should include a library reference for more resources and technology training, if appropriate. PPL YouToo has turned around the situation for people losing vision in our region so this increasing population can turn themselves around to adjust to their vision loss.
  6. The Americans Disability Act provides a framework for disability discrimination and a requirement for cities to describe how they manage accessibility and discrimination situations. Local ADA mandates include Prescott city statement on disability (also referred to as ‘accessibility’) and Prescott Valley statement on ADA. Please let us know ( of any pending or proposed actions we can support and benefit from.

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Here are the direct links to the newsletter items: Seeing Eye;
VoiceDream Scanner;
Hadley low vision technology videos;
Hadley practical advice on eating out and getting around;
previous People Who Care Confident Living seminar;
Prescott Public Library YouToo resources;
American Disability Act;
Prescott city disability/accessibility;
Prescott Valley disability proclamation

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