AZ Tech Access Program Conference Report

What was AZ TAP 2022?

This trip report identifies useful state-wide activities by professionals working in Vocational Rehabilitation and their benefits to citizens with disabilities. As a low vision attendee, I appreciated the $50 virtual admission that offered 11 zoom sessions from three dozen general and break-out presentations.

The conference was well-organized and on target. The learning practices suggested a better controlled working environment for me as a heavy-duty technology user. I now understand how accommodation and rehabilitation organizations operate and could improve life for people limning in the wider Prescott area. I will follow up the on-site technology list for new products and services.

Technical Topics(1) neuro-diversity broadening participation in science and technology; (2)working memory and executive function techniques for efficient web work; (3)writing in simpler language everywhere; (4) making documents, especially PDF, meet accessibility standards. Every organization serving people with disabilities needs expertise in these areas for better practices.

Other talks addressed how disability and vocation rehabilitation services operate, notably the employer-worker accommodation process. A key resource is the Arizona Disability Law Center for answering questions and assisting accommodation communications.

Cultural Topics

An introductory talk honoring Juneeteenth reprised the Buffalo soldiers service. Differences in tribal vocational rehabilitation practices were represented by two dozen specialists. Issues include: (1) many indigenous languages do not have a word for “disability” and (2) practices are broader than federal and state operations.

A wrap up by author Emily Ladow delved into basics of living with disabilities from her book “Demystifying Disability”. She identified a “curb cut principle for Covit” where lessons apply to the pandemic based on disability experience and concepts. Plus, she introduced the practice of speaker self-description for vision limited attendees.

Links To Organizations

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