15 thoughts on “Surviving the Virus”

  1. Anybody know of a general delivery servicee? Like concierge to run errends, read mail (over phone or on doorstep), check yard for rattlesnakes? Pay by the hour, a Jack of All Gigs? Hadley discussion shows other low vision people need these services. Thank you, reply here.


  2. Our group has discussed the value of using computer with eyes only, eyes and speech, or speech only. NVDA and Narrator are instances of Windows technologies where keyboard commands than synthetic voice enable typing, reading, and interacting.

    EyesOnSuccess.net podcast last week interviewed about the Microsoft built-in narratorand its project manager Jeff Bishop, once at U. Arizona.

    Unfortunately the Census website seems lacking in screen reader support, for shame. Nobody needs accessibility hassle in the time of the virus, so maybe phone will work better at 1-844-330-2020. Even citizens with low vision should be counted and eligible for census-related resources.


  3. Delivery and pickup service

    Pets To Vets

    Recommended by Prescott Animal Hospital

    Vets are working but their offices are closed, even if you can drive yourself or find a driver.

    Prescott AZ


  4. Eyes On Success podcast August 8 offers a personal story from Pete (blind) and Nancy (sighted), retired physicists living in Colorado. They review advice from some of their 450 past episodes for reading, working, exercising, seeing/not, and more. Learn about JAWS, NVDA, Zoom, Be My Eyes, Narrator straight from the words of assistive technology developers.

    https://EyesOnSuccess.net is an encyclopedia of advice for living well with low, then no, vision. Read the show notes for each episode for great links and download and listen to the MP3 weekly podcast.

    News: free license from JAWS and Zoomtech thought June for personal use. NVDA from NVAccess.org is always free as is Narrator built into Windows and VoiceOver on iPhone and iPad. Catch the Vision has expertise in NVDA, Zoomtecxt, and VoiceOver, just ask here or contact.


  5. Reading charts of virus data is a pain on many websites. Try…


    described in


    With screen reader NVDA, data in rows is annotated with headings of columns. Columns can be sorted.

    Current stats are numbers of cases and deaths, classified by country and broken down into states.

    I’m not able to assess appearance of tables by magnifiers and Zoomtech, so please comment if you find this usable and useful, whatever your assistive technology.

    Great work!


  6. Typing with assistive technology is *not* easy, so this sounds like a great learning tool


    It’s a web tool from American Pringing House suited for all keyboards and screen readers and other things we use, even the onscreen IOS keyboard.

    Thanks to “Veronica with four eyes” for her stream of assistive tool and low vision living tips. She writes clearly, concisely, authoritatively, and honestly. We can learn so much from this student!


  7. Catch The Vision is conducting meetings with Zoom at 1 pm on Mondays. We can provide practice attending a zoom meeting, including the vagaries of audio and video setup.

    We’d be glad to speak with low vision people interested in assistive technologies and rehabilitation services. Been there, done that, live on our iPhones.

    contact slger123@gmail.com for an invitation link to the next Zoom meeting.

    P.S. We are the rowdy group that used to meet in the Librarry Bump Room with our guide dogs. Thanks to Martha and PPL for setting up the iPad program and coordinating with our group.


  8. Recommended book When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss and Personal Recovery by Hannah Fairbairn. It can be purchased at The Carroll Center for the Blind store or Amazon.com. Hannah Fairbairn taught at The Carroll Center for many years, and she is bl… More >
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